Anti-Fatigue Work Mats

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Anti-Fatigue Work Mats

Anti-Fatigue Work Mats

While many health experts slam sitting for hours at work as being one of the unhealthiest working conditions, standing for long periods of time is just as bad. Research shows that standing for long hours at work causes short-term and long-term health problems including varicose veins, posture problems, circulatory problems, backaches, hip injuries, damaged feet like corns and bunions and pain in the knees and ankles. Prolonged standing has also been linked to more serious health problems including rheumatoid arthritis and even coronary heart disease. These injuries and discomforts also affect employee productivity and general happiness at work.

Unhealthy employees are just as big a concern as unhappy ones. Lower limb injuries cost more than a million sick day leaves, and employees tend to leave jobs that require prolonged standing more quickly than those that do not. Businesses that require these typically belong in the food production and hospitality industries.

Protect your workers and your business from the hazards of prolonged standing by investing in anti-fatigue mats!

How Anti-Fatigue Mats Work

Anti-fatigue mats are the revolutionary mats that are ergonomically designed to reduce the risks of injuries and discomfort from standing too much at work. These mats cause your legs and feet to make micro-movements that help you shift the weight from one foot to another and promote better blood flow thereby reducing impact and fatigue.

Where To Get Anti-Fatigue Mats

There are mat rental companies everywhere, but do they all sell the high quality anti-fatigue mats that your business needs? Probably not.

To find mats that are worth your every penny and work the way you intend for them to, get some help from Mat Rentals! We have a whole network of local mat rental companies whose reputation and service quality has been proven by us.

Our referrals are not only high quality; we also make sure that the process is quick, efficient and accurate as we help you find companies that specialize in your industry and business. Don’t risk your money or your employees’ wellbeing with low quality anti-fatigue mat rentals; find a service with Mat Rentals partners. Call us today at 888-712-4669 to get your free quotes!