Anti-Fatigue Work Mats
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Anti Fatigue Mat Service

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Anti-Fatigue Mat Service

What is an anti-fatigue mat service? Anti-fatigue mats help alleviate the stress, pain, and health issues associated with standing for long periods of time at work. Unhealthy employees can cost employers money. As is seen in this quote from the American Academy of Pain Medicine, “The prevalence of pain has a tremendous impact on business, with a recent report by the Institute of Medicine indicating that the annual value of lost productivity in 2010 dollars ranged between $297.4 billion to 335.5 billion. The value of lost productivity is based on three estimates: days of work missed (ranging from $11.6 to $12.7 billion); hours of work lost (from $95.2 to $96.5 billion); and lower wages (from $190.6 billion to $226.3 billion).”

Anti-fatigue mats are great at helping ease the tiredness and loss of productivity that happens when employees stand for extended stretches of time. These mats stimulate movement in small ways so that pressure is taken off the feet and legs thus alleviating the strain on the feet, legs and back. The anti-fatigue mats help increase productivity and decrease problems with health and safety for employees. Their ergonomic design and quality make them stand out among other similar products.

Every business that involves long stints of standing should have an anti-fatigue mat service. These are a great investment in your employees’ health and safety, but not only that, they are an investment into your business’ financial success. But not all anti-fatigue mat services are equal. As a business owner, you want the very best. Mat Rentals helps you find the best quality from local mat suppliers. We supply you with several choices and match you with a company that is best suited for your individual needs. There is no one-size fits-all here. So, get the best fit for your business. Contact Mat Rentals today at 888-712-4669 to get a complimentary quote!