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Standing Mat Service

Find Standing Mat Service In Your Area

Standing Mat Service
Ever had the pleasure of standing in one place for over an hour? It’s not easy, and it may be causing serious health problems for your employees.
Standing for hours in a row can cause backaches, hip injuries, varicose veins, circulatory issues, foot injuries and knee and ankle pain. Research has even linked prolonged standing to serious health issues like coronary heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
Unsurprisingly, this causes employee dissatisfaction, and employees whose work require them to stand for long periods of time leave jobs more quickly than those who don’t. The injuries and discomfort that they experience on a daily basis affects their general happiness at work and can also negatively impact their productivity. Aside from high employee turnover, the working conditions created by prolonged standing cost you in sick days.
All of these problems are especially present in the food, production and hospitality industries, among others, because of the nature of the work.
So, how can you improve your work environment? Invest in standing mats for your employees. There’s no easier and cheaper way to make your staff happier and healthier.

How Standing Mats Work

Standing mats are designed with one purpose in mind: to reduce injuries and discomforts from standing at work for long hours. Their ergonomic features cause micro-movements in your legs and feet to help you shift weight from one foot to another. This promotes better blood flow, reducing impact on the legs, back and feet and minimizing physical fatigue.

Where to Get Standing Mats

Anyone can google “standing mats” and immediately find a provider. There are mat rental companies everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they sell high quality products. To maximize the benefits of standing mats, you need a mat rental company you can trust completely.
But you don’t have to stress over finding an exceptional mat service. We’ve done the research for you. We’ve screened our extensive network of local mat rental companies for quality, efficiency, reputation and service. Our referrals are quick, accurate and specific to your needs.
Your employees’ health can’t be taken lightly, so don’t settle for low-quality standing mat rentals. Partner with one of Mat Rental’s trusted providers! Call us today at 888-712-4669 for a free quote.